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Oooo! I actually own these... well, most of these..

Anime can be confusing, interesting, comical, deep, and just plain insane.  There are things we don't understand, things we could better understand, and things we'll never have a hope of getting but love to make up theories about anyway. These things need a home, and this is it.  Here you'll find articles on everything from the Japanese school system to the quality of English dubs, and my theory on hair color in anime.  Yes, strange I know, but this is the stuff that makes anime... anime.  And it's what makes it something we love!

The links above will take you there, but first you might want to know what these colorful titles really mean.  The key is below, explore and welcome to the wonderful world of the addiction we like to call anime. And always remember: "Anime... crack is cheaper."

Cultural Corner: Articles related to understanding the Japanese culture and, in turn, better understanding anime and manga.  As anime and manga become more popular in the US there is a greater movement toward less "Westernization".  This essentially means that instead of altering parts of the story so that they make sense to Western society the editors are literally translating the stories and then adding notes at the end about cultural references.  In this section we hope to provide some general knowledge of Japanese culture, society, history, etc. that may help fans better understand their favorite anime, manga, and even video games.  

Lost in Translation: No matter how far we move from "Westernization" of our Japanese entertainment, there will always be things that just aren't quite the same.  This section will contain articles on dubbing, subbing, translation and scanlation, as well as things I just plain find amusing in American/Canadian dubbed anime.

Crossing Over: Articles on topics spanning multiple anime that aren't really "cultural" but seem to be fairly consistent.  Generally artistic or humorous in nature.

Fandom: Articles concerning the world of fandom and my reactions to it.  Everything from "fan-lingo" to common misconceptions in the fan community, general rules of conduct in the fan world, things to be wary of as a newbie, and the things I find most annoying or amusing about the greater world of anime fans.

2 Cents: Articles about my random opinions on issues in anime and fandom, including Yaoi (homosexulaity), flames, and anything else that happens to strike my fancy or illicit a strong reaction in me.