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I do not own any of the guys in this section (but I truly wish I did!)


So I had to devote a section to the guys I adore.  I couldn't help myself.   Just had to... Oh, and you'll notice this is the only section with its own gallery.  You can't very well devote a section to hot guys without posting the evidence, now can you?

Right... so, this section is about to undergo some major change.  And I promise you it is for the better.  I will be the first to admit that this section, though a brilliant idea for us girls, has been sadly... lacking from the moment the site opened.  I promise you it will be this way no longer!  I come to you today with promises of in-depth bishie profiles and a gallery loaded with screenshots (well, they should do something besides sit on my hard drive shouldn't they?  They rest of the female population deserves to benefit from my addiction!)  I also promise you no OC's (in this section... they still exist but will be placed in the proper fanart/fanfiction section for the anime they are related to).  Some day the Miscellaneous and Commentary sections will be up, but I know what you really want is information and eye candy and I promise to oblige!  As a note... the links section will stay up, but I will be posting links to character shrines at the bottom of each bishie's profile.


Information for the profiles was gathered from my own observations as well as official sites, wikipedia.org, and absoluteanime.com.  Information from other sites is used with permission.  All information from wikipedia is used under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License and can be copied/altered and redistributed under the guidelines of this license.