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    New YGO fanfiction by my friend Sanela.  English isn't her first language so I edited it some... Also, the sci-fi and most of the nintendo section are permanently down.  I'm working on a new layout ^_^



    The end of summer has been busy, but now I should be able to update every week.  I'm working on a new layout again.  Updates will increase if I can find some free host space for my galleries... anyway, I posted five new YGO fanarts by Achiru today.  Also, the nonframes version is gone... but if you are reading this you probably don't care anyway...

        - Andrea -


    Added a new fanfiction under General Anime.  It's an Inuyasha fic about Sesshoumaru and Rin set about ten years after the day they found one another.  It's romance, but Rin's about 18 so it's all good ^_^  Don't read it if you don't like the pairing...

        - Andrea -



    I lied! Please don't hurt me! *cowers*  I meant to update Sunday (Aug. 1), I really did... but I bought the most awesome game on Saturday (July 31)!  It's Tales of Symphonia and it may soon have it's own section in here.  Still looking for a staff artist... please! I need CCS pics!  Even if you don't want to commit but you have some fanart laying around, or you know someone who does... That section is just so empty...

    On another note.  My Angelfire account information says that over 500 distinct, individual, hosts have been to my site!  That means more than 500 separate internet accounts have accessed the site... I actually used more than a meg of bandwidth yesterday!  I have yet to find a decent hit counter, so I don't know how many hits we have, and I'm not always certain that the Angelfire tracker is working properly (like the day it said I had one page view and 12 new users -_-U whoever can explain that to me gets a prize), but it makes me happy anyway ^_____^

    So, yeah,  episode 40 of Enter the Shadow Realm is now up in YGO episode guide.

    Pokemon Advanced Episodes 31 to 36 now up in the pokemon episode guide.  That's as far as the series has run thus far on Kid's WB so we're now caught up on Pokemon and YGO!



    Gahhh!!!! I am SO sorry!  I've had a killer schedule at work and our network router was down.  I'm on vacation now though so I'm trying to make up for it with a big update.  Today is my Birthday, so you all get a present ^_^

        New YGO fanfiction called Home.  It has 16 chapters and a prologue so it might take you a while...

        Nine more YGO episodes in the guide. (the tenth should be up tomorrow, but I haven't gotten around to watching last week's episode yet ^^U)

        Ten more Pokemon episodes in the guide.

        Five more YGO fanarts by Achiru!

    The updates are not up in the non frames version yet. In fact, I'm thinking about discontinuing the non frames page.  If you cannot view frames and you really like this page email me at reenas_as@msn.com If I receive NO emails the non frames version of this site will be gone by the end of next month!

    There is a new fanfiction coming... and it isn't by me!!! Aren't you all happy?  It's by a friend of mine.  Her native language isn't English so I'm editing her stuff right now.  But it is very good.  IT's YGO, by the way...

        - Andrea       



    Ten new YGO episode summaries.  I got a little behind.  This actually only brings us up through the end of May ^^U sorry about that .  I just had no time.  But I'm halfway through typing the next eight.  By the time I've got ten  they should be ready to post.  The next Pokemon episodes should be up soon too.  They aren't showing new episodes right now anyway.  Also, I added Dr. and Mrs. Hikari to the Megaman character pages (frames only).  And, if your computer had problems with overlap on the frames main page menu, that should be fixed now to.  Don't you like my Inuyasha banner? I put it together myself and I'm very proud of it ^^  Anyway, I hope to have the last week in July off for vacation.  In which case I'll have lots of time to work on this site, and my stories and my art ^^  Hey, I started watching Orphen on Anime on Demand and I like it, so I ordered it on DVD.  I'm also watching... everything else on there, but they don't really thrill me (except Full Metal Panic, which I was already watching.)  Plus I borrowed Twelve Kingdoms from Josh (not my cousin) because another friend, Luke, watches it. And he lent me Yukikaze, the first two episodes... it's kinda strange.  I think the dude is in love with his plane O.Ou Whatever...

            - Andrea 


    Four new YGO fan arts.  Also, fixed the right side menu on the frames main page so that all the links are accessible. New Pokemon commentary.  It's about the changes made in Pokemon Advanced (as opposed to the other seasons).

            - Andrea


    New links under every section!  Summary links, game links, music links! Even a lyrics link under General Anime!  Frames version up and running.  Let me know if there are any problems with links and stuff.  Under the Frames version there are character pictures for every character I could find.  If I'm missing one and you know where to find it please let me know!  YGO fanart should be up soon, but there are some awesome fanarts on the Deviant Art links under General Anime.  Character pictures in digimon courtesy of Mark's Megasite.



    I did it again!  Didn't post in forever.  I've been doing a lot of "behind the scenes" work. Went through and cleaned up a lot... added some new characters in almost every anime section... Ah yes, last time I added my own original short stories... forgot to put that in the updates.

            Three new commentaries under Yu Yu Hakusho: Kurama's Fighting Ability, Toguro Brothers?, and Kuwabara and the Dark Tournament

            Added digivolutions and attacks to Digimon season 3 characters

            Corrected some names (ie. I've been using Justimon as the name of Takato and Guillomon's biomerge digivolution - actually Justimon is Ryo and Cyberdramon's biomerge and Gallantmon is the name of the other). Various misspelled names also corrected...

            I'm trying a new thing with the updates... you can link right from here. Right now if you are frames capable it'll take you into the frames version... unless you want to get stuck there I'd suggest using your back button.  And be prepared for errors and blanks if you try to move around within the frames section... it's nearly complete... should be up by the end of June.



     I am SO sorry (all three of you who care).  Some of you may know that two of our computers caught a bad virus last month.  Because my dad was going out of town for most of May we disconnected the other computers from the net, so I couldn't update ;_;  You'll notice that I've been busy though...  New theme. lots of editing.  Plus the frames version is nearly up! (YAY!)  I just need to grab a few pics off the net (now that I have it again) and finish YGO and YYH character pages...  plus some supporting character stuff, but I'll probably post the frames version before that's done.  Hopefully it will be up by next Friday. (cross your fingers)  Here's the new info list:

            Two new commentaries under Digimon Season 4 commentary.

            One link removed from Rurouni Kenshin Links (sadly it is a dead site.)

            Added Mr. Terada to the CCS character list

            Added the D-reaper to the DM3 list

            Added season two to the Megaman storyline

            I updated character information on everything...

            I edited the YGO commentary on couples yet again...

            There might be more I forgot ^^U sorry, it's been a while for me too.  I tried to keep it all written down, but... things happen.

    Hey!  I just realized this is the first thing I can blame on the technical director! YAY!  So if you're upset, send me hate mail for him.  It's all DAVID'S FAULT!!!

                   - Andrea



    New GA commentary, it's about demons -.-u That sounds funny... Anyway, now, in most of the places I use the word 'demon' there is a link to that commentary.  It's just so  people don't freak out.  Also, new YGO commentary on anger, inspired by Yami Bakura and the way he is portrayed in fanfiction. On an unrelated note... I started watching Inu Yasha!  I think it was the week following Easter.

    I now officially love Inu Yasha!  Even if he is a jerk... But then, those who keep track know that I seem to have a thing for jerks.  I like Seto, Yami Bakura, Hiei, Youko, Chaud, Protoman... Good grief!  It's a good thing I don't have a boyfriend - he'd be scary!  But then... I like normal Bakura, Yugi, Megaman, and Kenshin too, and they are very nice and polite... I'm such a skitz!

    All that to say that I updated the Guys I Love list, and added Inu Yasha to the list of anime I watch.

    More words on fanfiction dictionary.

                    - Andrea 


    Oops! Lied on the YGO summaries thing.  Kinda hard to post the next ten episodes when there've only been four ^_^U  Ummm... I did post a Yu Gi Oh! link though.  It's an episode summaries site and it has differences between English and Japanese as well.  Unfortunately the other two sites I was reviewing contain yaoi so they won't be posted here.  If anyone knows of a clean YGO site I'd love to hear about it.  Also, I have a new YGO fanfic done, I just need to edit it, so that will be up soon. And I edited the YGO couples debate and added a few lines (Josh wanted me to).  OH MY GOODNESS!!! I've had the wrong email address up under "submissions" all this time!  I don't know if anyone tried to submit anything, but if they did some poor chic has all that stuff and doesn't know why!  If you did make a submission... you'll have to send it again please!  Yeah, I did fix it...  

        Also added new hit counter and a custom error page.  Of course... hopefully you'll never have to see that.  If you do... please take advantage of the "report broken links" option.  Then use your back button to return to EA.

                    - Andrea


    Happy Easter! Couldn't post my update last night because Dad's computer got a virus.  But it's all better now.  Finished the YGO couples debate.  I might add more later though.  Also, I'm checking out some YGO links Achiru sent me.  I need to make sure they're safe before I post them.  Bye!

                   - Andrea 


    Yikes!  I am so sorry guys, I didn't realize it had been so long -.-u  I didn't mean too.  Unfortunately I work at Disneyland and because of Spring Break (a six week period for us) I have been working six days a week.  Since I can't use my dad's computer and update when he is home... that means no updates.  I do have some new fanart ready, and I plan to finish the YGO couples debate (I promise Josh!).  I also have the next ten YGO episode summaries almost finished.  I'm working on my frames layout (way cute!) and I hope to have it up by June 1st.  Just have time to drop this note today, and I won't have time next week, but maybe the week after.  Definitely by the last week of April, promise!  Oh, and I did add that YYH fanart page with one fanart.  I drew it so be nice ^_^

                    - Andrea 


    New Section up under Sci-fi/fantasy.  It's an original series I'm creating called Star Cross 7.  7 subsections already.  New commentary under general anime.  It's about the symbolism of light/dark and the color red in anime. Added a list and description of races to the Zelda section, also added the beginning of the script I'm writing (promised someone at work).  Subject to change at future date.

                    - Andrea


    Some editing.  Also, Achiru's rant is up as a nonframes page.  And new Commentary under CCS.  It's about Yue and Ruby.  I think there's something else too, but I can't remember.  Updates will be slow right now because I'm working on creating a frames layout for my site.  Don't know if I'll keep the nonframes up or not.  Let me know what you think!

                   - Andrea


    Two days in a row! I so rock. Ahem,  Two new pages under Yu-Gi-Oh! miscellaneous.  "Achiru's Rant" is my test for my new page layout.  Yes, that is what I would like all by pages to look like someday (not with that picture though, and not necessarily that color scheme).  Instead of buttons the links are simple hyperlinks on the very top of the page. Tell me what you think ~_^

                   - Andrea  


    I know I said I would update Monday, but I ended up working that day.  I'm only two days late!  Not that it matters as no one has been on this site in days.  Anyway, next ten episode summaries up in Pokemon and in Yu-Gi-Oh! Also, main character pictures up in Pokemon.  One piece of fanart in Yu-Gi-Oh! 

    Oh! And I have been informed that my site looks boring.  Okay, so I was going for simple and easy to navigate which is sometimes a little boring.  However, I am working on a more "interesting" layout, but since I don't have Front page on my personal computer it may be a very long time before that is up.

                - Andrea  


    My dad's keyboard was all messed up, but I managed an update anyway!  Umm... let's see... I have a guestbook now.  And I put up pictures in the characters section of Yu-Gi-Oh!  More pictures coming.  I have Monday off. New link in General anime, it's an awesome fanart site, the artist does original manga/comics too.  She is very talented.



    Done fixing buttons and links (I hope); New commentary under YYH; One new picture in general anime fanart; one new picture in Megaman fanart; Links up in almost every section. Hey! I did lots today! ^_^ 

                - Andrea



   Whohoo! Okay, got rid of the adds.  And the buttons should all work now, always.  Let me know if something still doesn't work.

                - Andrea



   Some of the buttons don't work all the time, but you can generally go another route to get where you want to go.  It just might take a few extra clicks.

                - Andrea



   Hello!  And welcome. Published today!  Hope you enjoy our site.  Fan art and links coming soon!

                - Andrea