Hello!  Welcome to our psychotic site dedicated to anime, Nintendo, and our own original works.   

    This is my (OUR) extremely rated G site dedicated to the shows/movies and games we love!  (Well, maybe PG at times but I think thatís stretching it)

    This is the original works section, a collection of... stuff that I proudly call my own!  Well... most of it anyway ^_^ 



   This site is divided into three subsites: Anime, Nintendo, and Original Works. You get to those subsites by clicking the correct picture on the main index.

    Each section is also divided up by individual show/game and that is divided into info, art, links, etcÖ  You get the point.  Lots of sections within sections. The series/games/type-of-work will be in the left frame.  Once you click a section it will open a new frame on the right.  Just under the banner will be the contents - this changes the area just below. Sorry if this sounds dumb...  We just donít want you to get lost or anything.


Color Key

    Throughout this site there will be various conversations between my brothers and I.  The following is a color key to guide you through these conversations.

Andrea   David   Brian   Josh   Wario

    Anything else is just general text and will vary based on the current site "theme".

    Anything said by multiple people will incorporate both parties' colors (ie. colored text with highlighting) 'I' unless otherwise stated, or colored, refers solely to the webmistress, Andrea.