...We Need You!

    Hey! Currently we are looking for a staff artist; if you would like to apply the application submission guidelines are below.  The staff artist will be expected to draw CCS character pictures for the characters page.  He/she will also be asked from time to time to draw fanfiction illustrations and sample art for any themed competitions.  The staff artist will be included on the staff page and in the staff picture.  If you have any questions please feel free to include them with your application.

    Application Guidelines:

                        A picture of two CCS characters (as exact and similar to the original as possible)

                        Any other anime character (from one of the 7 series covered on this site) in an original pose.

                        A picture of yourself anime style and chibi style (for the staff page.)

                        Your bio for the staff page. 


    See a problem?  Broken link?  An inconsistency, something that just plain bugs?  Report it! 

    Do you have any of the information we're missing?  If so, you can send it to us and you will be given credit.  We need your help to make this the most comprehensive and complete information site on the net!  Report to reenas_as@msn.com