This is strictly a fan site.  Very little on this site belongs to us, and if it is it is labeled!  All legal information can be found listed in the individual sections under "disclaimers and copyrights".  We have expended a great amount of effort in ensuring the legality of our site.  Please do not take anything without permission. 


Okay, so this page covers copyrights, terms of use, etc. Hmm. Lots to cover here, so I'll divide it up into categories. 


        What we don't own: We do not own any of the series, games, movies, or books referred to in this website, unless otherwise noted.  Also, any official artwork, titles, logos, characters, etc. are not ours.  We make no claim to them and earn no money from their use.

        What we do own: We own all original characters, fanart, fanfictions (not including official characters and general plot points from the anime/series), and any original series, ie. Star Cross 7, and pretty much everything else in the original works section.  And of course, we own ourselves! 

    To see who does own it all go to our Disclaimers and Copyright Information page.  

Our Use of Copyrighted materials:

        In creating this website I have tried my best to adhere to all laws and policies, both in Japan and America, dealing with the use of copyrighted materials.  That means I went to the home sites of the companies possessing the copyrights, and I e-mailed a whole lot of important people.

    Everything used on this site is completely legal, to the best of my knowledge.  For different series the rules are different.  For example, in one case I was given permission to use anything I wanted as long as I received no profit from the use and it was posted on a personal web site.  In another case I was told I could use anything except official art and direct transcripts.

    If you are someone big and important, please understand that I have truly tried my best.  If I have in any way misinterpreted your response or general policy, or you feel that I have misused your material please contact me.  It will be removed.

    I truly do wish to keep my website legal and ethical.

Terms of Use:

        As far as I am concerned anything on this website is yours, as far as general information regarding existing series, games, etc. goes.  That means feel free to post summaries, character profiles, etc. on your own sites.  However, please give credit.  Don't steal.  As far as official artwork, quotes, etc.  Please contact the copyright holders to obtain permission.  I only received permission for my personal use.  You must obtain permission for your own site.

    As far as my own creations go - fanfictions, original characters and series/stories, artwork, and commentary- please, please respect my rights as the creator and copyright holder.  Do not post without permission!  If I find any of my stuff on other sites I am within my rights to sue. (But I'd warn you first!)

   To contact me with questions or for permission to use my personal stuff contact reenas_as@msn.com

Submissions Policy:

        Anything you wish to submit to the web mistress is welcome, from fan stuff to story suggestions for my own original series. You will be given credit for fan art and fan fictions, as well as submissions for my original series.  However, anything submitted (excluding series specific fan submissions ie. a CCS picture or Pokemon story) becomes property of the web mistress.  I am under no obligation to pay you for them or even give you credit for them at any time, even if I make money off of them at some later date. By making a submission you agree to these terms. (see the more specific policy under submission policies)