Andrea (the only girl in the pic): I'm the webmistress, and I'm the real anime freak.  This site is my project! But everything is more fun with help ^_^  Anyway, I'm female and an adult, and that's really all you need to know! I like to write, I like to draw, I like to read, and I like to watch anime and work on this site!  I also like to play Nintendo, but mostly games with Link in them.  Any questions should be addressed to me.  Catch my e-mail on our 'make a submission' page.  Don't forget to send a submission while you're there, fanart, fanfiction, commentary.  Just know I screen it all to make sure it's rated G!

               David (the tall one): The site's technical director, but not really.  I do everything (I being the webmistress - sorry, but I don't want any pink on this page).  He wanted a title and I wanted someone to yell at when things go wrong so... there you have it! Basically he stands reading over my shoulder and tells me everything I do is stupid.  Isn't he helpful? (note the sarcasm as it forms a puddle at my feet) He was 15 when we began this site (at home, it wasn't on the web yet), and so he shall remain because I don't want to update our banter. He's my oldest brother, meaning he's older than my other one, but still younger than me!

               Brian (the other one ~.^): Brian is... well, he's Brian.  He was ten when we began and so he shall remain forever! (on this site).  He's a cutie and actually very helpful.  He helps me remember all the little details and he loves my fictions! Isn't he great!? Really ^_^ He's silly and I love him!  Oh, he's my youngest brother.

staff picture drawn by Mihn Phan