Updates Pg. 14


        -2 new profiles in the Guys section - Koga (Inuyasha) and Koji Minamoto (Digimon 4)

        - 2 new GA fanarts -  from Beyblade by achiru
  Sorry to be gone so long... I had a lot going on what with finishing up my room and the CD sales I did for church... if you want to hear about it you can go to my webjournal http://moonlightmusings.mirage-moon.net  Updates might be slow until after the holidays... and I'm seriously trying to do some writing...

    - Andrea -



        -2 new profiles in the Guys section - Kakashi Hatake (Naruto) and Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

        -1 new Inuyasha fanart (Christmas themed) by achiru
        - 1 new Digimon General fanart... which means that section finally has something in it!!!
  I'm still looking for good fanart - especially in the sections that are empty or very bare - that means all the Digimon sections, CCS, Megaman, Orphen, YYH, and Rurouni Kenshin.  Show me the love baby!  You know you want to see good art, and you know you want to share your art!  Email me at reenas_as@msn.com

    - Andrea -



        -2 new profiles in the Guys section - Kazuma Sohma (Fruba) and Koichi (Digimon 4)

        -2 new YGO fanart one by achiru and one by sanela.
        Also, the Digimon Frontier digimon stats have been completed (ie. attacks, etc...) it's under the character profiles if you've forgotten (or if you never knew ^_^)
    You may notice that I have been trying to go in order with the profiles, but I skipped Kakashi!  The reason for this is that I have far too much information on him and not enough time right now.  I want to do him justice, so he'll have to wait. Same thing goes for the other guys I skipped today...

    - Andrea -



        -2 new profiles in the Guys section - Jin (Yu Yu Hakusho), and Julian (Cardcaptors)

        -2 new Inuyasha fanart by psyconorikan.

    - Andrea -



    Well, Pokemon doesn't appear to be on the Kids WB fall line up... and Cartoon network has already jumped past where they left off... plus the voice actors all changed... in light of these events I have decided not to continue following the show.  I will attempt to find summaries to post, but I make no guarantees.

        -3 new profiles in the Guys section - Inutaisho (Inuyasha), Inuyasha (Inuyasha), and Itsuki (RahXephon)

        -2 new GA fanart.  One from DNAngel and one from Naruto,  both are by the wonderful Arehandora!

  It occurred to me that the bulk of my current update are in the triple Guys section... which means they are mainly focused on female fans.  However, the profiles are a good source of in depth information even if you aren't an obsessed fangirl - so don't be afraid to take a look!

    - Andrea -

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