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Do I really have to go over this every time?  I do not own Inuyasha.  Nope, nope, nope.


    When my friend first described this show to me she said they were 'real demons'.  In my mind that meant they were supposed to be fallen angels, servants of Hell. But then another of my friends started watching this show and he said they were just like the demons in Yu Yu Hakusho.  So, when Cartoon Network got evil and took off YYH I started taping this instead.  I loved it!  But I promised myself not to get too attached (I heard it was over 500 episodes and still going strong... but now I know there are only 197 or something and it's finally over... that's still a lot of episodes though).  I broke that promise I think.  This show is funny, way funny, but also serious.  And Inuyasha is such a jerk and at the same time such a good guy. *Sigh* simply awesome.  But David thinks the animation style is too simple...