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 Inuyasha in modern street clothes by: artjenesis

"In A Galaxy Far Far Away" by: Andrea

"A Halloween For All Times" by: Andrea

These are the ornaments I made for some friends.


Demon Inuyasha by: artjenesis

Inujen: The Ultimate Fan by: artjenesis colored by: Andrea

Inumonkey sketch by: artjenesis

Inuyasha by: artjenesis


Brothers by: David

Together Forever by: psyconorikan

"Kagome in Wonderland" by: arehandora

"Inuyasha's Cookies" by: psyconorikan


"Just Chillin'" by: psyconorikan

Lord Sesshoumaru by: psyconorikan

Season's Greetings by: achiru

"A Little Kilala" by: artjenesis


A sketch of Koga by artjenesis

Sealed by: artjenesis

"InuRanma" by: arehandora

Shippo and Kilala by: achiru


Demon Inuyasha 2: artjenesis

Inuyasha sketches by: artjenesis

"Broken Inside" by: messa

"Dai Hard Fan" by: messa



"A Wandering Spirit" by: psyconorikan