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I do not own Orphen... I don't even own his cool headband, so much like Captain Sagara's. *sniff* now I'm depressed...


    Eh.  Yeah, my cousin got Anime on Demand... and I watched it.  That got me hooked (but hey, I only got hooked on one out of twenty some odd series I saw, so I think I did pretty well).  Basically started out with an infatuation for Orphen, 'cuz he's gorgeous.  Have you noticed a trend here yet?  I watch shows with cute guys... I wouldn't recommend it for kids simply because it has to do with sorcery and I think you need to be at an age where you understand that this is pretend, and real sorcery is evil.  If that offends you (my saying it is evil) I apologize for offending you, but not for saying it.  I am a Christian, and sorcery is not of God and is therefore evil. Anyway... tangent... I don't like the fact that people (well, their consciousness at any rate) are unclothed in the last two episodes... didn't see the point in that.  But it's still a great series, and Orphen is a great character, you really feel for him.  I've read that his character is the main reason to watch the show.  I don't know about that, but he's cool.  By the way, I bought the whole series (only one season.  The second 'season' is actually a whole different series, but I think that's only because they made it so long after the first.  It still deals with the same people, and it isn't AU) on DVD for only $30.  Brand new mind you. *happy sigh* I love the internet.