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    Orphen was a promising student at The Tower of Fang - a school for sorcerers. He had come there as a young boy along with an older girl named Azalie - they were running away from the orphanage  and a kind Sorcerer named Childman took them to the tower.  Both were extremely promising, though Orphen tended to rely too much on talent and not enough on practice.  One day Azalie found a strange relic and she used it on herself.  It turned her into a terrifying dragon.  The Tower of Fang proclaimed her dead, and even held a funeral.  But Orphen knew she was alive.  When the school refused to try to save her Orphen left to do it himself. 

    The actual series picks up a few years later.   Evidently Orphen has been relatively unsuccessful in finding Azalie, or even a way to save her.  But he has improved his skills as a sorcerer very much.  And, after years of searching, he has finally discovered the location of the relic that destroyed Azalie.  It is a sword engraved with strange runes called the sword of Baltanders.  And it currently is in the possession of a wealthy family.  He has been observing the family (which consists of a mother and two daughters) and intends to steal the sword.  But Azalie, now a violent dragon called the Bloody August, is also after the sword.  In a confrontation Orphen gets the sword, but is unable to transform Azalie back to her human state.  He still needs the sword, but he's going to need something more.  That doesn't deter Orphen though as he believes himself to be in love with Azalie. 

    Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the youngest daughter of the wealthy family, Cleao, is determined to go with Orphen.  And he's also picked up an apprentice from the local town whose name is Majic.  And let's not forget the two trolls, Volcan and Dortin, who were spying for Orphen because they owed him, but now want the sword for themselves...  Poor Orphen...

    Now our cast sets out on a journey to uncover the secrets of Baltanders and of Azalie herself. Along the way they discover a few legend, save a few towns, defeat a few foes, run into an old friend who thinks he's a comic book hero, and another who has lost her magic, but is great at research.  Not to mention the fact that Orphen has to find some time to train Majic, Volcan and Dortin keep getting in the way, and Cleao is just a pain.  Can they save Azalie?  Does she even want to be saved?  And what drove her to such a dangerous experiment in the first place?  Orphen is going to learn a lot more than he planned.  And his view of those around him is going to need some serious adjusting.