...The Legend of Zelda


Disclaimer:  Don't own, don't own, don't own.  Nintendo does.

But if I could own Link... mmmmmm


*sigh* Link!  I love for Link (sigh, drool, eyes get all big and shiny) David rolls his eyes while Brian looks nervously around the room for an exit.  Andrea smacks them both.

Be nice or Iíll kick you both out.

Thatís a bad thing?        

Shhh!  Sheíll hear you.

 Andrea continues, not noticing her scheming brothers.  Link is wonderful, and beautiful, and strong, and AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

David and Brian run screaming from the section

HEY! Where are you going?  Hmph.  They did that in the anime section too.  I donít get it.