...The Legend of Zelda



The Legend of Zelda: Shield of Spirit

        A screenplay by me! (Me being Andrea)  Hyrule is under attack by an evil so great even Ganon is afraid of it!  And, to make matters worse, Link is nowhere to be found.  But don't worry he'll show up soon enough.  Not complete.  Link+Zelda


The Nature of Illusion by: reenas-as (or Andrea... Me!)

Link’s reflection on the nature of Sheik.

rating: PG            genre: general/romance (if you squint)        pairings: none, but reference to Link + Zelda        

notes: my response to the overabundance of sickos who are pro Link +(male) Sheik.  Rated for very vague (and definitely negative) reference to homosexuality. This is anti-yaoi (in other words, it is against homosexuality)


Ocarina of Time II: Parallel Symphony  by: Firebird-X

By returning Link to his childhood, Zelda has altered the fabric of Time itself. Now the Hero must begin his adventures anew, face a Ganondorf more dangerous than ever, and deal with the mysterious Arbiter if he is to save Zelda and Hyrule once more...


Part 1: Boy

Chapter I - Ten: Second Chances Interlude 1: Before the Arbiter
Chapter II - Eleven: Respite Chapter III - Twelve: Forest
Interlude 2: Winter, Twelve Chapter IV - Thirteen: Fire
Chapter V - Fourteen: Water Interlude 3: A Day in the Life
Chapter VI - Fifteen: Shadow Chapter VII - Sixteen: Sprit and Arbiter
Final Interlude: Winter, Sixteen  

Part 2: Man

Chapter I - Prelude to War Chapter II - Nocturne of Destiny
Chapter III - Requiem for the Past Chapter IV - Minuet of Hope
Chapter V - Song of Passing Chapter VI - Bolero of Blades
Chapter VII - Serenade of Hearts  

Epilogue: Coda

rating: PG 13            genre: general/romance          pairings: Link + Zelda        

notes: check out the author's homepage Parallel Symphony