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Episode Guide Pg. 1

         CLAMP has requested that no transcripts of any kind be posted even on nonprofit fan sites.  That includes summaries of episodes as far as I’m concerned.  However, I would eventually like to post an Episode list along with some highlights from that episode.

          For example: Cards caught/transformed, major conflict, Tory’s current job, key events (especially in Li/Sakura’s relationship, or important facts revealed such as a vision, prophecy, hint of foreshadowing – like if Eli did something strange), etc.

          If you would like to submit such a review feel free, you will be given full credit.  Please indicate if the review is of the edited English dub, or unedited English subtitled.  I would like all episodes in both (or at least an episode list from each)  Thank you!

Card Captors:

1. Sakura's Rival
2. Time and Again
3. The Cave
4. Power's Ploy
5. Double Edged Sword
6. The New Rival
7. Double Take
8. No Way Out
9. The Race
10. Dragon Slayer
11. The Switch
12. Ice Breaker
13. The Third Element
14. Buyer Beware
15. Stormy Weather
15. Allies
16. Meilin's Story
17. The Last Card: Part 1
18: The Last Card: Part 2
19: The Final Judgement
20: One Fateful Day
21. Under the Weather
22: The Mysterious Painting
23: The Past, The Present, and the Future
24: A Strange New Beginning
25: Running Out of Time
26: A New Set of Wings
28.Trouble At The Park
29.Double Trouble
30.Spinning Out of Control
31.Out of Bounds
32.Li's Calling
33.Just Like Old Times
34.Sakura in Wonderland
35.The Vanishing Act
36.A Slippery Slope
37.Sakura's Return to the Past
38.Revelations Part 1
39.Revelations Part 2

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