...Digimon Tamers

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        Digimon arenít real, itís just a game and a show, everyone knows that.  Except, real digimon are showing up all over the place.  Well, not all over the place, there are agencies that take care of that, but they are appearing.  In fact, Takato accidentally created one using his card scanner.  See, he got this blue card that changed his scanner into a digivice and that turned his notes and sketches into a real digimon!  Keep your eye on the blue cards, theyíre important.  Then he finds that other kids have digimon too, and there are stray digimon loose who cause trouble.  With the other kids Takato helps defeat these digimon. Then powerful and evil digimon called the Devas show up.  Their mission is to destroy humanity.  Fortunately, Takato, Henry, and Rika are a decent team now, and the three defeat these monsters.  But then they, and some other friends, end up in the digital world.  They get lost, a lot, but they make a new friend, Ryo! Heís been in the digital world a while now. 

          Anyway, they defeat the rest of the devas and then face the digimon Sovereign.  Turns out that heís afraid humans will destroy the digital world, and the tamers canít get him to change his mind.  But when a new threat arises that may destroy the digital and human worlds the Sovereign makes a final strike against it, and loses.  This new threat is the D-reaper, and once it saturates the digital world it strikes out at the real one.  This thing seems impossible to beat.  Turns out it was originally created to regulate the digital world and wipe out obsolete data and harmful data.  But somewhere along the way it developed intelligence, and it has decided that humans are harmful data.

          This thing strikes close to home, even capturing Jeri and feeding off her depression.  But the Tamers (mainly Takato and Guillomon with the help of Groni, the AI that transported them back to the real world) save her and defeat the D-reaper.  The sad thing is that all the digimon then return to the Digital world!