...Tales of Symphonia



Genis Sage

This young boy is one of Lloyd's closest friends. He's a child prodigy -- not only is he the smartest student in the village, he is a talented mage as well. Because of these abilities, he is overflowing with self-confidence, to the point of looking down upon others.  Genis and his older sister are half elves and, as the game progresses, we learn that they are actually from Tethe'alla, but were abandoned by their full blooded elf mother.  Genis, sadly, goes from liking everyone (even if he does think them inferior) to having a general dislike of all humans and probably elves too.  This begins to occur when he discovers that his sister lied to him and he is not a full elf.  Then, in Tethe'alla he is mistreated for his race and almost killed.  His newly acquired prejudice almost costs his friendships.  I'm not sure he is over it by the end, but he's working on it.  Genis is only nervous around Presea, because he likes her, but she treats him like a child.

RACE: Half Elf (though until half way through the game we believe him to be an elf)

WORLD: Sylvarant (born in Tethe'alla)