...Tales of Symphonia



http://tales.namco.com/index.html  this is the official Namco Tales site.  It's got some nice artwork and a list of links to fansites, along with a forum and a whole lot of publicity junk ~.^

Final Judgement  a Kratos shrine with a lot of game (and story) info.  And also a lot of funny/cute stuff that the site designer made up.  It's great. 

http://www.talesonline.net/skit.html  the only decent looking Tales site I've found that has lasted longer than a week...

http://mizuho.zapchu.com/   a decent site (very thorough on gaming, but not much else... ::read - no fanstuff::) it's been up for at least five months, probably more - so it'll probably still be there next week (I hope!)

*If you've found a good Tales fansite, let us know!