...Tales of Symphonia



Kratos Aurion

He is a mercenary, hired to accompany the Chosen on her journey of regeneration. He is a skilled swordsman -- Lloyd's swordsmanship pales in comparison. His cool demeanor and logical approach of handling situations irritate Lloyd, who tends to handle things completely the opposite way.  He is very protective of Lloyd, in fact, that is why he first shows up - to protect Lloyd.  And he often gives Lloyd advice.  Sadly they discover that he is actually working for Cruxis (the enemy) - is a leader of Cruxis even! And he's over 4000 years old even though he looks 28 O.o  But he doesn't kill them and he continues to help them without being obvious about it.  It turns out that he is actually Lloyd's father!  He was Mithos' mentor and so feels responsible to stay with him since he had a hand in creating the whole mess.  In the end he abandons Yggdrasil to help save both worlds.

RACE: Human

WORLD: Sylvarant