...Tales of Symphonia



Lloyd Irving

The central character of the game. Found in the woods with Noishe when he was an infant. Now lives with his adoptive dwarf father. Lloyd can be too hasty, but he's loyal, caring, compassionate, friendly, courageous, self sacrificing... Lloyd has a very strong sense of justice and right/wrong, and he becomes angry when someone goes against those things. Being the main character we get to see him grow a lot.  He becomes more mature as the game continues, which means he thinks more, controls his temper more, and learns not to feel guilty about the choices he must make - sad, yes, guilty, no.  Lloyd isn't particularly bright, but he is a skilled swordsman, and he is often extremely observant.  He is also trusting and generally quick to forgive.  This is because he tends to be rather easy going.  He is very attached to Colette.  My guess is that the relationship is intended to be viewed as just on the edge of becoming more than friendship.  In fact, there are some almost blatantly romantic conversations between the two. 

RACE: Human

WORLD: Sylvarant