...Tales of Symphonia



Presea Cobatir

She works as a woodcutter in place of her sick father. Although she is small and slender, she manages to heft with ease a heavy ax that most adults would struggle to lift. This is possible due to the special Exsphere that she has equipped. This special Exsphere, however, suppresses Presea's humanity -- she does not display any sort of emotion at all.  Once she is freed of the exsphere's negative (and harmful) influence, by means of a keycrest, Presea still has some trouble showing any emotions besides sadness and anger.  You see, Presea has been under the influence of the exsphere for at least 7 years.  Her sick father is now dead, and her little sister was murdered.  She is now an adult stuck in the body of a 12 year old...  Because of this she has difficulty making friends, and she struggles to forgive Regal, who killed her sister.

RACE: Human

WORLD: Tethe'alla