...Tales of Symphonia



Regal Bryant

He is a prisoner in the prosperous world of Tethe'Alla. He is sent to capture Colette on behalf of the Pope. He is extremely quiet and constantly wears a grim expression; the few words that escape his lips are dignified and carefully thought out. They are perhaps traces of his aristocratic background.  He was arrested for murdering his servant - he had turned himself in for the crime.  He feels he deserves any punishment he receives, but the group thinks he is fairly innocent. The girl he killed was Presea's younger sister.  She had become a servant to his family and the two fell in love.  But she was used in an exsphere experiment and it turned her into a monster so he was forced to kill her.  Her spirit remains in the exsphere and tells him that she still loves him and forgives him - it wasn't his fault.  Still, he feels guilty so he still wears his handcuffs, refusing to use his hands to fight because they were what killed her.  It's kind of a shame because the one time he uses his hands to break a lock you can see he has amazing power.  As it is he uses his legs.  He has trained himself to have exceptional balance. In fact, he trains every morning.  He is very disciplined. 

RACE: Human

WORLD: Tethe'alla