...Tales of Symphonia



Sheena Fujibayashi

An assassin sent from the prospering world of Tethe'alla to stop Colette from succeeding in her journey of regeneration. If Colette succeeds in reviving Sylvarant, then Sheena's world will be ruined. Similar to Colette, Sheena carries the fate of her world on her shoulders.  But Sheena is rather clumsy... and not successful in her attempts.  She eventually realizes that this group is full of good people and she joins them.  Sheena is ... complicated.  She can be very quiet, or very loud (when dealing with Zelos), she struggles to be brave because she is afraid of making a mistake that will cost lives.  But she always comes through.  She likes Lloyd... but he's taken so... I think she really likes Zelos too, even though she never says it, because she acts so differently with him than with anyone else. Sheena is the next leader of the Mizuho village, a group of ninjas.

RACE: Human

WORLD: Tethe'alla