...Tales of Symphonia



Unanswered Plot Points

    Is it just me, or does Tales of Symphonia have about 2000 unanswered questions at the end of the game?  Some of them I've gotten the second time around (because I chose to follow a different path), but others... Here are a few I've found:

    What happened to the false chosen group?  Did they have a purpose?

    Where do all the Desians go at the end?

    Why does the Tower of Salvation have a force field around it even after it ceases to exist?

    If Tabitha is a doll how could she be a failed vessel for Martel?

    If Tabitha is a doll how come it is possible to get to a point where she speaks and behaves normally?

    Where are all the other dwarves?  We only meet one in each world...

    How did Kratos go from being Mithos' mentor to being his servant?

    The list will be added to when I read through my notes from the second time I played the game...  If you have any questions (or answers) let us know!