Updates Pg. 15


        -2 new Guys profiles - Orphen (Orphen) and Miroku (Inuyasha)

        -2 new Pokemon fanart by artjenesis; it's dratini day!

        - 1 new GA commentary , a surprising fact I uncovered on Wikipedia.  Somewhat anti yaoi fan - "don't like, don't read" as they are so fond of saying

    - Andrea -



        -2 new Guys profiles - Megaman (Megaman: NT Warrior) and Michael Lee (Witch Hunter Robin) 

        -2 new RK fanart by thirdeyeblind

    Believe it or not I actually forgot I hadn't finished posting thirdeye's amazing Rurouni Kenshin pencils...  I'm so happy I found them again!

    - Andrea -



        -2 IY commentary.  One on Inuyasha's clothing, and one on Sesshoumaru and Rin.
        -2 new Guys profiles - Li Showron/ Li Syaoran (CCS/Cardcaptors/Tsubasa) and Maes Hughes (Full Metal Alchemist) 

        -2 new YGO fanart by achiru

    I know I skipped last week, but I gave you some extras this time, plus both of the other sections have an update if you care to check them out ^_^ Yes - even the Nintendo section has an update.

    - Andrea -



        -2 new GA fanart a Chrono Crusade one by achiru and a Naruto one by Sanela

    I got Twilight Princess and I have no time for profiles!  No... but seriously, that's what I did all evening.  I'll try to post profiles later in the week...

    - Andrea -



    *bows head in shame* I did it again... I added another name to the guys profile list before I'm done with all the others... I'm so terrible.  Why must anime have such wonderful bishounen?  Why? WHY!?

        -2 new profiles in the Guys section - Kiley Okayasu (Peach Girl) and Lance (Pokemon)

        -2 new IY fanart one by artjenesis and one by achiru - It's firecat week on Discovery channel!  Or so it would seem from these pictures...

    Someday I'll finish a fanfic!!! I swear it!

    - Andrea -



    Typical update I know... if I could get my brothers to do any work there'd be more but *shrug* the lazy bums!

        -2 new profiles in the Guys section - Kyo Sohma (Fruba) and Lan Hikari (Megaman: NT Warrior)

        -2 new Pokemon fanart by artjenesis

    I'm on a roll!  Check out the Works section for another original artwork by me!

    - Andrea -



        -2 new profiles in the Guys section - Kurama, Shuichi Minamino (Yu Yu Hakusho) and Yoko Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)

        - 2 new YGO fanarts by achiru
  Well, I wanted to write and ended up drawing... if you're interested go check out the works section.

    - Andrea -

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