Updates Pg. 16


        - 2 new Pokemon fanart by artjenesis. 

        - 2 new Guy profiles. Ryuho (s-CRY-ed) and Eagle (Magic Knight Rayearth 2)
        - 1 new GA fanfiction.  Final Vampire Knight fic for a while... totally unrelated to the other 3.  Written by request.
    If anyone is paying attention to the Guys profiles you'll notice I backtracked.  that's because I'm cheating!  There was no earthly way I had time to do Sasuke's profile tonight.  I'll have to work on it next weekend.  If I'd remembered he was next I'd have done it Saturday, as it is I apologize.  But you know you'd rather wait until I can do a good job.

    - Andrea -



        - 1new CCS fanart by achiru. 

        - 2 new Guy profiles.  Russell Tringham (Full Metal Alchemist), Ryo Akiyama (Digimon Seasons 2 and 3)
        - 2 new GA fanfiction.  The third in the Vampire Knight series plus an FMA alternate pairing...
    Only one fanart because I'm in desperate need of CCS and Digimon artists!  But two fanfictions to make up for it ^_^  I also fixed the Guys profiles....

    - Andrea -



        -4 new YGO fanart by achiru. 

        - 1 new Guy profile.  Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist)
        - 1 new GA fanfiction.  It's another Vampire Knight fic - 2nd in series, Zero's POV
    Eventually I really will get settled and find my routine again for updates, but right now it's hard.  On top of that, I have a bad case of manga addiction and plot bunnies coming out of the wood works so I'm spending most of my free time reading and writing.  My other sites are so dying... it's a good thing no one seems to care ^_^   Oh well, I do this for me anyway, to overcome my need to make a mark in the world or something I guess...

    - Andrea -



        -2 new IY fanart by artjenesis.  Sadly, these are the last 2 pieces of Inuyasha art I have from her. 

        - 1 new GA commentary  - They should start a support group for this...
        - 1 new GA fanfiction.  It's a Vampire Knight fic since Sanela got me addicted.  I don't usually go for vampire stories, but I love this one.  This story is the first of 3.
    I'm sorry, but I just started a new job.  Now I've got a commute again and only one day off (unlike the last time I had a commute where I sometimes had three or even four days off in the slow season.)  I will truly try to maintain my updating schedule, but there is a lot going on and I can't possibly do it all every week.  Just look at my other sites... they haven't been updated in months poor things!  Sorry that I didn't get in some profiles today... it's a lot more work than you might think.  Take the fanfiction and the commentary as my offering instead ^_^

    - Andrea -



    I know, I really need to start using "hiatus" signs, but I always forget until it is too late.  I meant to post this new version two weeks ago, but I quit my job and had to look for another so I was a bit busy...
        -The old layout is up in the archives
        -2 new Guys profiles -  Protoman (Megaman: NT Warrior) and Richie (Pokemon)

        -5 new  GA fanart by five different artists!  

        - 1 new Megaman commentary - which means this section is finally open! 
    In addition, lots of clean up, reorganized the fanart pages into four columns (the only pictures now in a different order are the YGO ones), and I tried to add the rest of the storylines to all the finished series (like YGO).  I'm considering adding another anime section, what do you think?  I'm watching Bleach and Naruto right now so it would be for one of those.

    - Andrea -

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