...Yu Yu Hakusho

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You think I own this? I think you need more sleep ~__O (that's a wink by the way).  No we don't own it!!! Weekly Shonen Jump, Fuji TV, Yomiko Advertising, and Pierrot do. (But I wish I did)


Yu Yu Hakusho is a great anime, but when I first saw it I didn't like it at all.  In fact, the only reason I watched it a second time (aside from the pleadings of my cousin Josh) was because of Kurama.  Of course, I like the edited version way better than the non.  Far too much cussing for me thanks anyway.  It's just a good show.  Great characters, interesting plot, and it makes some very good points.  It is also the first show I ever watched with demons in it, and it seriously bugged my mom.  But it isn't as though they are servants of Satan from Hell. The Japanese (or at least anime) 'demons' are just a race that has more talent than humans do...