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Storyline Pg. 1

        Yusuke Urameshi was a punk, but when he died saving a little kid the Prince of Spirit World decided he just might deserve a second chance.  After a lot of work and having to prove himself Yusuke is brought back to life.  Now he’s the Spirit Detective of Earth! That means he has to protect the Earth from demons.  His first case is a little rough, but he wins, and two of his enemies now join his team.  Of course, this case only proved he needed more training.  So, when an aging human psychic wants to train someone, and a killer demon is posing as a possible pupil, Yusuke is sent to infiltrate the group.  He defeats the demon and becomes the aging master’s pupil (and he is NOT happy about that!) He learns a lot and comes back just in time to save the world from being infested by demon insects that would make all people in to low class demons.  Once he saves the world by defeating the four Saint Beasts (powerful demons locked away in the demon world) he returns to find a new problem waiting.  He has to save an ice apparition from greedy human crime lords.  And it is in this attempt that he meets his greatest enemy, Toguro.  Toguro was once human, but became a high class demon.  He is evil to the core.  And, though he allows Yusuke to defeat him and rescue the apparition, he wants to kill Yusuke.

       Yusuke is invited to the Dark Tournament. It is a ruthless fighting competition between teams of five fighters (generally demons), put on by and for human crime bosses who love gambling.  Refusing one’s ‘invitation’ is not allowed.  So Yusuke and his team, along wit ha mysterious fighter who turns out to be Yusuke’s teacher, go to fight. (Did I mention that Yusuke had to go beg for more training, and he still didn’t learn the final attack!) It’s a long road and everyone hates the Urameshi team, but Yusuke manages to gain the respect of the more honorable fighters and the team makes it to the final round.  Now they must fight Toguro Team, and Toguro already killed Yusuke’s teacher.  But Yusuke has also learned the Spirit wave, and his Spirit energy is way stronger than before. So he wins and he gets to go home.

       But Yusuke is Yusuke, and we wouldn't have a show if something terrible didn't happen, so it isn't long before a new villain arises.  His name is Sensui and he was the Spirit Detective before Yusuke!  He saw the wrong video and it made him go nuts.  See, he saw the world as black and white: humans were good and demons were bad.  The video was of humanities greatest atrocities.  So Sensui has been waiting ten years or so and developing a plan.  He throws together 7 psychics to help him break through the barrier to demon world and pretty much wipe out humanity.  Fortunately, Sensui's little plan has released so much energy that a lot of normal humans are coming up with psychic powers. At least Yusuke will have some extra help now...  Anyway... all these psychics are pretty crazy and want humanity destroyed, but most of the are just misguided and after their encounters with Yusuke (or his friends) they straighten up and aren't so bad.  One even helps him!  But Sensui is really crazy (like, he has seven personalities...) and his most trusted psychic (who is actually a really old demon of some sort and really creepy) is too attached to Sensui to be willing to stray from him.  So Yusuke is forced to face Sensui for real.  In the process he dies... or seems to, and comes back to life once again to find Sensui has escaped to the Demon World and Spirit World wants to kill Yusuke because it turns out his ancestor was a very powerful demon!  Well, we can't have Spirit World killing off our hero, so even though they fire him as Spirit Detective Koenma still helps him get to Demon World to catch Sensui.  Kurama and Hiei go as well and together they kick Sensui's butt (oh - and Kurama becomes Yoko ^_^ for a while...)  At the very end it comes down to Yusuke and Sensui and Yusuke is taken over by something else.  He gets demon markings and his hair grows.  He destroys Sensui and when it is over he can hardly remember it.  He's mad because someone else messed with him and controlled him, but all he knows is that it seemed to be his ancestor.  Yusuke goes home with as many questions as not.