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"In the Least Likely Places"

The introduction of my own character!  First in the timeline of events for this series of short stories.  Kurama sees a young woman kidnapped and goes to save her. Where will his search lead him?  It's true what they say: You find friends in the least likely places.  K+OC, not 'romantic' yet...

rating: G            genre: adventure        pairings: Kurama+OC           

notes: beginning of the series (1 of 6)


The Tablet

Number two in the series.  Yusuke has an assignment from Genkai - to help a grad student in her study of an ancient stone Tablet.  But why is the Tablet important?  Why does Yusuke need to baby-sit a grad student?  And what does this have to do with Kurama and a certain girl from the sewers?

Chapter 1: Unexpected Meeting Chapter 2: Boredom...is in the Eye of the Beholder
Chapter 3: Disturbing Turns Chapter 4: Released
Chapter 5: Going Nowhere Chapter 6: The Temple of Daigi
Chapter 7: Pieces of the Puzzle Chapter 8: An Inkling of Truth
Chapter 9: The Only Way  

rating: G            genre: adventure/romance (just a little though)        pairings: Kurama+OC           

notes: part of K/I series (2 of 6)


"To Die Again"

Back from the dead and after Kurama?  Hmm... I wonder who that could be. Rated  PG for implied (though not condoned) yaoi.  K+OC  *This is the first fic I wrote about Kurama and my own character.  However, it is last in the timeline of events*

rating: PG            genre: general        pairings: Kurama+OC           

notes: set in the future; implied Yaoi (not condoned - as in, no seen in a positive light); end of series (6 of 6)


Fanfiction Dictionary

    Not a story, just a guide on some general fanfiction stuff, like what yaoi means and why there are sometimes little <> symbols in the stories.