...Digimon Frontier

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         Okay, so the digital world is disappearing Ė thatís not good Ė so Ophanimon summons all these kids from the real world (to help) by sending messages on their cell phones.  Somehow once they reach the digital world she can tell which ones will be able to help (why she couldnít when they were in the real world no one knows butÖ) so she keeps those five and sends all the rest home.

          The first task for the kids is to find the spirits of the legendary warriors.  These warriors once saved the digital world from the tyrannical Lucemon.  Each kid finds a spirit gaining the ability to spirit evolve into a digimon of incredible power.  And now they discover the real problem.  Cherubimon has employed the other five legendary warriors to take the fractal code of the entire Digital world.  Thatís why it is disappearing.  So now the kids run around fighting the other spirits and trying to protect what is left of the world (and they arenít doing such a hot job).  Meanwhile, they have to keep the 5 evil spirits from stealing their spirits, and they have to find beast spirits has well.  Those turn out to be hard to control, but with the power of slide evolution the kids defeat the evil warriors.

          The most powerful warrior turns out to be Kojiís brother, and he becomes good, actually changing the very nature of his evolutions!

          Now all of them go to save Ophanimon, but in the end she is defeated.  Cherubimon doesnít escape though.  He is destroyed as well. 

          Now a new foe arises, the Royal Knights.  These two are after the same thing as Cherubimon, they want the fractal code.  In fact, they are working for Lucemon, as was Cherubimon (Lucemon convinced him that Human from digimon where against him).  Lucemon promised them the human world in return for their services.  They are tough, much tougher than anything the gang has faced before, and eventually they do destroy the entire Digital world.  The Digimon are all hiding on the moon, as are the digidestined.  And poor Kouchi discovers heís not physically in the digital world, heís unconscious! 

          Lucemon appears and destroys his own followers and then sets his sights, first on the moon then, on the digidestined.  All the digimon are floating in space and the kids are losing to Lucemon!  The form an ultimate evolution, and Koichi even sacrifices himself, but it isnít enough! Lucemon travels to the real world, determine to destroy it as well. Fortunately, the Spirits separate from the kids, and with their belief as power, defeat Lucemon.  The Digital World reappears and our heroes must go home, leaving behind their digital spirits forever.  But the Digital world is in good hands!

        Really though, itís all about Takuya!  (eyes turn into hearts, mouth falls open) 

          No, itís not Ė itís about Koji.


       Koji!  He always has the answers.

         No!  Just in a few episodes, like when they first meet Duskmon and when the Royal Knights show up in Steel town.  But thatís it.

         Nope, itís all about Koji.

        Look, that Steel town episode was the first one I saw all the way through and I thought that too.  But then they started showing them from the beginning again and I realized that itís all about Takuya.  So I abandoned my love for Koji and now I love TAKUYA!

        (Shaking head.All about Koji.

        I can settle this Ė itís all about Lingeriemon, mmmÖ

        Andrea and Brian stare at David in disbelief; they both hit him with mallets.

         Itís Zephyrmon, idiot.  Drags David away by his spiky hair.