...Digimon Frontier

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"It Could've Gone Worse (but not much)"

Takuya and Zoe are on their first date.  But it could be going better.  See, they decided to go to the digital world and… well, Zoe has a fan club (and Takuya thinks at one point that she’s being attacked and dives for cover taking her with him), and Takuya has Bokomon; JP is lurking in the shadows, and Koji wants brother advice from his best friend.  Plus there’s some of the typical Zoe/Takuya stuff.  But it all ends well.  T+Z (obviously)

rating: G            genre: humor/romance        pairings: Takuya+Zoe           


Fanfiction Dictionary

    Not a story, just a guide on some general fanfiction stuff, like what yaoi means and why there are sometimes little <> symbols in the stories.