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Art Sites (art or fanfiction)

Deviant Art: artjenesis

Deviant Art:-achiru-

Deviant Art: AnimecArtist Deviant Art: psyconorikan
Deviant Art: reenas-as Deviant Art: Akarui
Deviant Art: thirdeyeblind Deviant Art : Arehandora
Deviant Art: morbidprince** Deviant Art: Waterlilly

*I cannot vouch for the content of all art on Deviant links.  These links were clean (no hentai or yaoi) when I posted them...

** site contains some guy/guy fanart - non-explicit  If you click the link to her website comic please note that the comic has very heavy homosexual references and innuendos.


Fanfiction Sites

Fanfiction.net Click anime>>(title of anime of your choice)>> a list of stories will come up, brief summary, rating, etc.