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General Sites

General sites

Fairietails Studio

great fan art and original anime style art


http://animeniacs_world.tripod.com/         pictures, voice casts, fan stuff...

http://www.howtodrawmanga.com/tutorial/tutorial.html          pretty self explanatory, shows how to draw anime style.

Anime Lyrics              the words to Japanese theme songs for anime, mostly translated


Summary sites

www.tvtome.com    brief summaries of nearly every series ever shown on American TV. Everything from Star Trek to .Hack and Chobits... Search alphabetically .Hack//sign, Full Metal Panic  (the .Hack series are found under the . so they are at the very top of the list 'A')

http://www.pazsaz.com/tvtitles.html     this site provides episode listings by title.  Search for your title alphabetically.


Legal information


       this site provides information on copyrights, studios, etc.