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Season 1:          

         Ten year old Lan Hikari dreams of adventure, and of being the best net battler in the world! What is a net battler?  Well, this story is set in the future where everything, and I mean everything (from traffic lights to toasters) is hooked into a complex cyber matrix, or net.  Pretty much everyone has a network navigator (net navi, or just Navi, for short).  These are effectively personal secretaries, an intelligent palm pilot so to speak.  And they can also be programmed to battle. 

          Lanís father is a scientist who travels a lot, but he sends his son a custom net navi.  His name is Megaman, and donít let his small size fool you, heís powerful and fast Ė especially when equipped with battle chips (temporary attack and defense enhancers).  With Megaman at his side Lan is well on his way to becoming the best, but heís got other things to worry about.  You see, a criminal organization known as World Three is out to cause chaos in the cyber matrix and take over the world! The agency working against them just canít do it all, and since Lan always seems to be in the right place at the right time (or wrong place, depending on how you look at it) he and Megaman take it upon themselves to stop the criminals.  With the help of their friends these two foil plot after plot.  And they still find time to battle.  They join the N1 Grand Prix for the title of number one net battler.  But even here theyíll have to fight off the attempts of World Three. 

          At the end of the N1 we are faced with the rise of Pharaohman and the deletion of Megaman!  After a lot of hard work our favorite navi is back and better than ever with the addition of the style change.  After a brief vacation he and Lan return to Dentech to learn that a new cyber city has been created for navis.  It's a wonderful and relaxing place, until a new evil appears.  They are known as GRAVE and they make World Three look like children.

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