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Main Characters

Lan Hikari Megaman
Maylu Roll
Dex Gutsman
Yai Ayano Glyde
Chaud Blaze Protoman

Supporting Characters

Dr. Hikari  
Mrs. Hikari  
Ms. Mari  
Mesa/Comm. Beef Sharkman
Mr. Higsby Numberman
Miyu Skullman
Sal Woodman
Tory Iceman

Villains (Season 1)

Mr. Wiley  
Count Zap Elecman
Mr. Match Torchman
Maddy Wackoman
Yahoot Magicman

Villains (Season 2)

Kid Grave Freezeman
Mr. Gous Magnetman
  Virus Beast

Other (Season 2)

Mr. Famous  

I am aware that the beginning of season 2 introduces many other characters who appear at a later point as well.  However... Kids WB didn't show most of those episodes... so, for me, they were one episode appearances and so they don't get to be listed here.  However, the navis are on the list of known navis... as far as I can tell I got them all...  If you would like to submit details on these extra characters I'll gladly take them and give you credit.  If not... you can check out Rockman.exe Online.  I believe you can find them listed there... check it out from our links page!

Oh, and the villains from season one (Mr. Match, Maddy, Count Zap, Yahoot, and their navis) are not villains in season two or in Megaman Axcess as near as I can tell... And Mr. Wiley is still a villain in season 2, I just didn't think he needed to be listed twice.