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      Ten year old Ash Ketchum sets out on his pokemon journey with a dream to become the world’s greatest Pokemon Master, and a pokemon who can’t stand him! Eventually he and his Pikachu become the best of friends and an amazing team.  Ash also picks up a few friends on his journey. And a few enemies.  As Ash constantly battles to improve himself and catch and learn about new pokemon, he is chased by Team Rocket who want to steal his Pikachu.  But the three aren’t very skilled and he always beats them.  Ash steadily improves and proves himself unique, both in battling style/strategy, and his relationships with Pokemon.  Ash really understands pokemon and many of his pokemon chose to come with him.  He’s always willing to let them go if that is what they choose.  They are his partners, not possessions.  Ash is always helping others and even manages to save the world, quite a few times.