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Endings and New Beginnings 

        Our heroes are all grown up now, and they've all come together for a very special event. A+M, D+PO, T+J, B+J, J+J (argh! too many J's) a little G+M too.

Prologue Ch 1: Pokemon Master
Ch 2: Wedding Guests Ch 3: Complications and Personal Relations
Ch 4: Menace Ch 5: Final Preparations
Ch 6: A Problematic Wedding Ch 7: Wedding Resolutions
Ch 8: Aftermath Epilogue

rating: G            genre: romance/adventure        pairings: Ash+Misty, Delia+Prof. Oak, Brock+Joy, Tracey+Jenny, Jesse+James         

notes: set in the future.  I got the general idea from another fanfic, but it was a little inappropriate and violent...


Fanfiction Dictionary

    Not a story, just a guide on some general fanfiction stuff, like what yaoi means and why there are sometimes little <> symbols in the stories.