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I own almost nothing... (Ask my dad, poor as paper... not that that makes any sense)

    Welcome to the graveyard!  Okay - so maybe that's a little morbid and overdramatic...  Anyway, this is the Archives section.  Here you will find the things we have since abandoned...  It's rather sad actually, but necessary.  The Past Layouts section begins with Version 3 (Icy Winter) because I don't have any screencaps from before then...  I don't actually have a screencap for it either actually... anyway, things from the versions before that can be found under the Picture Archives, because, actually, that's all they are now, a collection of pictures...  There are some good character pictures though ^_^  Forgotten Chatter is... well, it's the stuff that used to be at the start of the individual sections but just didn't fit when I made the new layout... yeah...  And Old updates is self explanatory.