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Past Layouts Pg. 1

This was my actually my third layout, but I didn't know how to get screencaps before then so... yeah... The other two layouts weren't very exciting anyway...  I didn't actually get a screencap of this one either, so I reconstructed it.  That's why the "iframe" has no scroll bar... it's just a rectangle I stuck on the picture in PhotoDraw ^_^  Anyway, I loved the color on this one.  And I love the background collage.  The actual sections each had their own themes (anime: icy winter, nintendo: forest green, and some brown and tan stuff for works).  They all looked nice, but the site lacked continuity...But I loved the index so much I kept it up for a long time.

I made this layout just for Valentine's!  Actually I decided it was time to change the old one, and I love pink... I gave all the sections the same theme for this layout (all pink and "couples" centered).  Aside from that, it wasn't any different from version 4 though... It was called (creatively *eye roll*) "Valentine Pink".

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Version 5.  I drew the index pic for this myself, and I rather like how it turned out.  The theme this time was Spring Dreams, but for some reason I kept thinking of it as spring breeze when I was trying to come up with individual section banners...  Anyway, aside from the actual pictures this used the same layout as the previous two...  I liked the look, but it was definitely time for a change...