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Guys I Love

This is the portion of anime dedicated to the guys I love!  David and Brian begin tiptoeing out of the room. I love so many that itís hard to keep track, but Iíll try real hard okay.  So you ready guys?  Andrea looks from side to side and seesÖ no one!!!

 Guys, hey guys?  Where are you guys!?  Hmm, thatís odd hears a noise and whips around to see Brian at the door (David has already made his escape) Oh, there you are Brian, come back over here and help me.  Brian reluctantly comes.

 Anyway, this is basically an excuse for me to post pictures of the anime guys I love, and the girlfriends I created for them.

The guys I love:

            POKEMON-  Richie, Lance, and Brad (the orange headed dude with the smoochum), Tyson.

            CARD CAPTORS Ė Yue, Julian, Tory

            DIGIMON (all seasons) Ė Takuya, Koji, Kouichi, Takato, Henry, Ryo, Ty, and TK

            YU GI OH Ė Seto, Bakura, Yugi, and Yami. Arenít those last two the same? Shut up!

            MEGAMAN Ė Chaud, Protoman, and Tori.  Oh Oh! And Shadowman (donít think heís actually on the show, but I found a fanart of him on the net.  I love the artistís concept of him without his mask! )

            Rurouni Kenshin - Sojouro and Captain Sagara (he's so cute!)

            YU YU HAKUSHO Ė Kurama (okay so heís a demon, but heís soooo cute) DEMONS!!! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!   Brian runs from the section. Brian!  Brian! He doesnít stop. Hey! I didnít even get to Jin and Touya.  Theyíre demons too. ;)

            InuYasha - Sesshoumaru (he's the only one not taken... yet...)  

            Naruto - Sasuke, Kakashi  (Oh my gosh you have no idea how much I love Kakashi right now.  In fact I feel down right ridiculous... I'm so selfishly in love with him that I want to write a fic about him but I can't because I refuse to pair him with anyone - not even an OC!!!  I feel like such a schoolgirl right now, but I went online and looked up everything about him and I love him! I think I finally have true fangirl-itis...) (on the plus side, Kakashi is cool and mysterious, but not arrogant and self-absorbed - though I read he was arrogant in his youth...  but mainly  he's a nice guy, which is good considering how many jerks I like in anime.)  

    Anyway, I also love Ash; Li; Megaman, Lan; Aoshi, Kenshin; Inuyasha, Miroku, and Koga (even if they are all jerks.  But hey, take a look at that list, I seem to have a thing for jerks...); and maybe even Yusuke and Hiei - Iím not sure - but they already have girlfriends (sigh).  And I didnít create girlfriends for all the Digimon guys Ďcuz some of them are already taken too, and the others are just way too much work.  (But I might still drool over them some J )  Crim (.hack), Sousuke (Full Metal Panic), and Tsukasa in the game (not the real world girl one... .Hack) are cool too! Oh, plus Orphen! Orphen is sooooooo cute *drool* He's from the series Orphen.   And as of 2006 I also love Kyo - from Deeper Samurai (though I don't recommend this series to younger fans), but only in his "shared body" form.

           By the way did you notice how many redheads are in that list?  If a show has a redhead I LOVE HIM!!!  Red heads rock! (but blonds have more fun, hmmm, maybe thatís why there arenít many blondes in anime Ė after all, with all the torture, fighting, killing, saving the world, and HOMEWORK AAHHHH!!!  who has time for fun?)  

    I also seem to like a lot of guys with silver/white hair.  But I think red is better!