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Past Layouts Pg. 2

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Version 6.  I drew this pic myself as well and I loved it ^_^  It's my current pattern...  I drew the current layout as well.  The next one I didn't draw them all though...  Evidently yellow is my favorite layout color because I just realized I've had three yellow layouts... the first two (not shown) were blue, and the Valentine's one (for obvious reasons) was pink...  anyway, this layout was called the warmth of summer and after I made all the section pictures I wished I had done them in yellow and orange rather than yellow and green... but it was too late because, as usual, my computer was being dumb and I was missing the thing I saved in layers...  I got the idea for the three pieces - one picture off a Disney sweat shirt... and I thought I'd probably use it a couple times... but then I changed my mind.  Still, I did like the effect.

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Version 7.  Snowfall.  Originally I had planned for this to be version 8 and for "The Heart of a Swordsman" to be version 7, but I just ran out of time fall of 2005 and I decided to skip straight to the winter one.  It was called "Snowfall" for obvious reasons and I loved the individual section homes!  Oh my gosh!  I couldn't sleep I was so excited when I was planning it.  In this layout I ditched the "quick updates" on the entrance page.  I really like that feature, but I just didn't have room in the new layout...

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Version 8 was much like version 7, but I decided I needed to try a more masculine theme.  After all, though I am a girl and I have a section devoted to bishounen, I want this site to appeal to everyone.  I loved the entry page for this one.  I think it may be my favorite yet.

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