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Forgotten Chatter


Disclaimer:  We do not own The Legend of Zelda, Mario and his related games, Pod Racer, or any other game reviewed or mentioned here, or any of the characters in those games.  They belong to Nintendo (or any other game company that may have created them). 

However (knew that was coming didnít you?) we do own any new characters found in fanfiction, and any original drawings.  (HmmÖ No comment from David?  Weird.)  Andrea looks around for David and notices the sign for this section has been vandalized! Hey!  What?

Ha ha ha!  I, Wario, have taken over the Nintendo section of this site and no one can stop me!!!


Well, maybe one person.

Get off my site!  I donít recall inviting you here.

I wonít go!  This is MY section now!

You WILL leave, because if you donít-



I kidnapped David, and you can only have him back if I get to run this section.

You kidnapped my bratty 15 year old brother and you think thatís gonna make me give you control of this section?  You can keep him.

Arenít you forgetting something?

Andrea thinks real hard Uh oh, careful Ange, youíll hurt yourself. Andrea sends death glare toward Brian.

Forgetting something?  I donít think soÖ

David is the siteís technical director.  It wonít run without him.

Oh! Ah! *GROWL* Okay, Fine throws up hands in defeat then crosses arms angrily I give up!  You can have this section, but I reserve veto power!  And I get input.

Fine.  Bwa ha ha! Hey, thatís my evil laugh!  Get your own.  Yah ha ha ha! Better Now I control this section!

Yeah, whatever, now give David back.

Wario opens a door and David stumbles out.


I just saved you from Wario, so you better be nice to me in this section!

I liked it better with Wario


Erm, I said okay, yeah, sure.

Ha Ha Ha!!!



*Well, if you've been here before you will notice that the Nintendo section has been significantly pared down.  Originally this was supposed to be my brothers' section.  But they weren't doing anything with it so... These are the things I (being Andrea) care about.*