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Forgotten Chatter



Disclaimer:  *Gasp* Actually, no disclaimer!  We own all of this stuff in its entirety (or at least I do) Oh!  Except for some of the pics on S.E.R.A.A., my brother drew them, but they technically belong to Dream Works...

 SO KEEP YOUR GRUBBY HANDS OFF!!! Ahem, okay, normal now.  Anyway, be polite, donít steal Ė get permission J

Some of you may remember that this section used to be devoted to Science fiction and Fantasy.  Unfortunately that had to go. Why you ask?  Let me tell you.

And now, the depressing reality: American copyright laws are way strict.  They go something like this "breathe on our name without written permission and we'll sue your butt off".  And worse, they never give you a way to get permission.  So, sadly, there was never much in this section that wasn't our original work anyway. 

    Stupid American copyright laws.

    For once, I must agree with you.  I mean, it's not like they SELL this stuff.  We wouldn't be cutting into their profits or anything.

    I'm confused... we don't own this stuff?


    *rolls eyes* stupid little brother.


    Be nice or I'll let Wario have you again! He's been complaining that the Nintendo section is all messed up.

    Is that a promise?

    Grrrrrrrr, You brat!  Go fix something or something like that!