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Disclaimer:  We do not own any of the shows, series, etc., or the characters belonging to them.  In other words we do not own Pokemon, Digimon, Megaman NT Warrior, Card Captors, Yu Gi Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, or any other anime that might appear here.  Nor do we own any of their original characters.  Or Me!  They belong to their respective Japanese creators, and American affiliates.

We do, however, own all fan art, fan fictions, and original characters not found in the series.  ANDÖ we do own Brian.

 NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Save me!

 Bwa Ha Ha!

 David rolls his eyes.

Ahem, moving on.  This is the portion of our site dedicated solely to miscellaneous Anime series (and if you read our disclaimer you can see there are a lot of them.)  Too many Shut UP David!  Anyway, you may ask ďWhy so many?Ē  Well, the truth isÖ we really donít know all that much about any of them.  Weíve never seen any of them in the original uncut Japanese, or even subtitled.  Thatís right my friends, only English dubbed episodes (and we havenít even seen all of those for some series).  And itís going to stay that way because

          a)    I canít afford to buy Japanese or subtitled copies

          b)    I donít speak Japanese anyway

          c)    I donít have cable 

          d)    Iím not into cussing, excessive blood and gore, half naked people and sexual innuendos, or homosexuality. HEY!  Iím only ten! You canít say that in front of me! Shut up Brian. This is getting good!  DAVID!!! Okay okay, (clears throat and speaks in a more Ďadultí voice) YOU SHOULDN'T BE LISTENING TO THIS BRIAN.   Andrea rolls her eyes and shoves David. So anyway, I like safe American dubs where they cut all that out.  sissy


Sorry kiddies, if you like that sort of stuff go elsewhere and I donít want to hear about it.  (No flames, I wonít listen to them)

And on that note, Iíd like to thank 4 Kids Entertainment, ≠≠Funimation, Saban, Sensation Animation, Bang Zoom Entertainment and all those other wonderful American companies that create Anime I can watch (without cringing)  Thank you for editing out all that stuff I donít want to see!  (Though Iím a little upset that the American version of CCS edits out all the stuff about Li falling in love with Sakura and vice versa.  Bummer! Look at me Iím Andrea ďI love all that gushy stuff smooch smoochĒ. I think Iím gonna be sick. :@ Andrea glares at David.)   

Anyway, most of what I know I got off other websites, and Iíll be sure to offer what I feel are the best links sorted- not only by show- but by what you want. (Transcripts, summaries, art, etc.  Youíll see what I mean)

Oh, and although I really donít know enough about them to give them their own section I also now watch .Hack//Sign and Full Metal Panic (borrowed them from a WONDERFUL friend *wonderful Ďcuz he letís me borrow anime- and he paid lots of money for them too! I love him ^_^ - but not really*) So, anyway, I might write some stuff about them in my general anime stuff.  Theyíll be in commentaries and possibly in fan stuff Ė so youíve been warned. As of April 2004 I also watch Inuyasha!  Be forewarned...



(Wario sneaks into Pokemon section and steals Jigglypuffís microphone.  WARIO!  What are you doing!? Wario runs off with Jigglypuffís marker/microphone)

Now that was weird. (David and Brian nod staring in the direction Wario ran off to uncertainly.)

Umm, anyway, thatís it for pokemon characters! See you next section.