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        Yugi Moto is a shy 14 year old who has one great skill.  He’s very good at games! After solving a puzzle his grandfather gave him strange things happen to Yugi.  First, he starts having memory lapses. Then he realizes that this is because another soul is sharing his body! This is Yami, the spirit of an ancient pharaoh who once saved the world from evil and is destined to do so again.  He has been inside the puzzle for 5000 years.  Now he is back to save the world again, and Yugi must help him! They start out fighting Pegasus, creator of Duel Monsters (a card game that is Yugi’s favorite and that has roots in ancient Egypt). Pegasus owns an item much like Yugi’s , a Millennium Item. These items have magic powers and are connected, both to Duel Monsters and a place called the Shadow Realm, where real monsters live.  Pegasus based his card game on ancient Shadow games involving this realm and those monsters.  To get the puzzle (which he needs to bring his dead wife back to life) he steals the soul of Yugi’s grandfather.  With Yami’s help (Yami often duels for Yugi, because he was Pharaoh during the age of Duel Monsters and knows all about them, and because he too ahs Shadow Realm magic), Yugi saves his grandfather. He is also named King of Games.

          Then his biggest rival, a fellow student and owner of a multi-billion dollar gaming corporation (Seto Kaiba), decides to throw a tournament of his own to reclaim the title and to get three all powerful cards.  But an evil force  is also at work.  Marik, raised to be the Pharaoh’s tomb keeper, has rebelled against his ancient charge and desires Yami’s power.  He uses the tournament to his own ends, and with his Millennium rod he controls the minds of others, including some of Yugi’s friends! But the even wickeder Spirit within his item soon banishes him, taking control and hurting Yugi’s friends!  Yugi must acquire all three God cards and all the millennium items to save the world.

           We all know Yugi does save the world, but there's hardly a respite before the next evil rises.  His name is Dartz and he's... Atlantean?  Evidently the people of Atlantis waged true war with Duel Monsters long before the Egyptians and it caused their destruction.  Dartz wants to bring back those times and take over the world! He even brings duel monsters to life in the real world and controls people's minds! He's running a corporation that rivals those of Pegasus and Kaiba.  And... where is Pegasus anyway?  Oh yeah, Dartz took him captive!  And Mai's working for the bad guys?  Yami is forced to play a card that turns him evil and he banishes Yugi!  Good thing Yami has allies from Atlantis to help out... and it's a good thing those three adorable henchmen are more confused than evil...  With the world crashing down around them can Yami and Yugi reunite and save it?  Duh!  The real question is: why does Seto still not believe even after he has to help them out yet again?

          Just when things are starting to settle down Kaiba decides to shake them up again with an invitation only tournament.  Watch out for psycho duelists and lots of unreciprocated affections. And for once - the target is Kaiba!  A crazy German Corporate Tycoon wants to get back at Kaiba for nearly putting his company into the ground.  When he can't win he uses his little brother to do it for him - and he's got a card that's clearly cheating.  But Yugi/Yami still manages to defeat him and straighten them both out.

          But we all know that life is never quite in Domino.  Where has Bakura been the last two sagas and when are we going to see some Millennium Item action? Not to worry, Yami Bakura has a plan, and it involves everyone ending up in some ruins in Egypt?  It's a good thin Yugi Marik is one of the good guys now.  Too bad the Egyptian siblings won't stay around to help though.  The gang is thrust into Yami's memories.  But are they just memories?  Yami Bakura is actually in league with an ancient evil named Zork, an evil Yami defeated in the ancient past but who somehow was bound (with Yami Bakura) to the ring.  Can Yami get his name back and defeat this evil once again?  It would be a lot easier if Yami Bakura wasn't treating this like another card game, and if he didn't have items that allow his to reverse and stop time!  And even once Zork is defeated can Yugi really defeat Yami in a duel so that he can rest in peace?  He can, but it's painful to lose old friends...