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*Primary Characters

Yugi Moto Yami (Yugioh) Joey Wheeler
Tristan Taylor Tea Gardner Seto Kaiba
Bakura Ryou Yami Bakura  

Secondary Characters

Mokuba Kaiba Serenity Wheeler Mai Valentine
Duke Devlin Solomon Moto Shadi
Maximillion Pegasus Marik Ishtar Yami Marik
Ishizu Ishtar Odeon/Odion Rex Raptor
Weevil Underwood Rebecca Hawkins Professor Hawkins

Supporting/Arc Specific Characters

Bandit Keith Mako Tsunami Bones and gang
Espa Roba Arkana Rare Hunters
Noah Kaiba Gosoboro Kaiba Big 5
Dartz Varon Raphael
Alester Leon Wilson (Von Schroeder) Zigfreid Loyd  (Von Schroeder)

Supporting Characters (Past)

Seto Isis Mahad
Aknadin Shada Shimon

Note: All ages are given from the beginning of the series - in full.  Remember, it started a year before the dub starts.  Battle City takes place about 2 years after that. Ages of new characters are given for the episode in which they first appeared.

* I chose the primary characters based on their appearance in the close up sequences on the English dub during the theme song.  (You know, where it shows all of Yugi's friends...)  Characters belonging primarily to a single arc (such as Pegasus and Marik) were not eligible.  Duke, Serenity, and Mai may move to the primary characters section depending on the importance/frequency of their involvement in the next arc.