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The Puzzle in the Puzzle

    Okay, so you know how Marik had Tea transfer himself to the ring? And how Bakura is currently in the puzzle?  Well, what would happen if all the yamis moved into the puzzle - along with their hosts?  And don't forget Shadi - what is he exactly?    

    Three yamis, their hikari, Shadi, a mysterious stranger, and only one millennium puzzle.  This can only lead to trouble. (Poor Yugi!)

Ch 1: "Why is it so Bloody Dark?!"

Ch 2: The Heart of the Matter

Ch 3: The Search Begins
Ch 4: Labyrinth Ch 5: A Final Challenge Ch 6: In the End, at the Beginning

rating: G            genre: humor/adventure        pairings: none           

notes: for the purpose of this story we will pretend Y Marik is actually the spirit of the rod.



    Set 10 years after Battle City, Tea has returned to Domino after several hears in New York.  Trying to get resettled she finds herself getting close to the most unlikely person - Seto Kaiba.  S/K pairing (no flames on the pairing people!)

    This started out as my attempt to write a story based entirely on a single relationship.  I couldn't do it though, and was forced to add an actual plot somewhere in the middle.  So this fic went from 4 chapters, to 7, to 16 and a prologue ^^U

Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14
Chapter 15 Chapter 16      

rating: G            genre: Romance/mystery                pairings: Seto+Tea  Tristan+Serenity   Joey+Mai

notes: the yamis have their own bodies.


Out of the Blue  by: Sanela   editing: Andrea

    The yamis have their own bodies and things are going as smoothly as can be expected... until Tea runs into Yami Bakura in the park one night.  After that she starts to have weird dreams, and so does he.  When she calls for Ryou and gets Bakura instead a second meeting in the park will change everything. Bakura does swear some, I would have changed it, but it is essential to his character...

Chapter I - The Beginning Chapter II - One Stressful Day
Chapter III - Those Twisted Feelings Chapter IV Realizations
Chapter V Faking Chapter VI No Escape
Chapter VII Discussion Chapter VIII Issues
Chapter IX Shattered Chapter X What Matters

rating: PG (for mild swearing)  genre: romance    pairings: YB+Tea       

notes: Bakura=Yami Bakura   Ryou= normal Bakura      


Fanfiction Comments


Fanfiction Dictionary

    Not a story, just a guide on some general fanfiction stuff, like what yaoi means and why there are sometimes little <> symbols in the stories.