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Chaos vs Order

    Kenshin and friends head off for a visit to the Aoiya in Tokyo.  Oh no! Misao, Sano, and Yahiko all together?  Hide!

rating: G            genre: humor        pairings: none           


Of Tea and Kingdoms

    Aoshi has something on his mind, and he's come all the way to Tokyo to speak with Kenshin about it.  But the two of them get a little... sidetracked. 

rating: G            genre: humor        pairings: slightly Aoshi/Misao     


Blatant Subtleties

    A poetic musing on the relationship between Misao and Aoshi from an outsider’s perspective.  “One cannot appreciate music without first having silence.”

rating: G            genre: general/romance        pairings: Aoshi + Misao 

notes: so short it hardly deserves to be called a one-shot... it's almost drabble except that it's too organized and edited.  Still, I like it and it wouldn't leave me alone so here it is! NOT FLUFF!


Fanfiction Dictionary

    Not a story, just a guide on some general fanfiction stuff, like what yaoi means and why there are sometimes little <> symbols in the stories.