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Episode Guide Pg. 1

Wandering Samurai

1. The Handsome Swordsman of Legend: a Man Who Fights for Love
2. Kid Samurai: a Big Ordeal and a New Student
3. Swordsman of Sorrow: The Man Who Slays his Past
4. Bad! Introducing Sanosuke, Fighter-for-hire
5. The Reverse-blade Sword vs. the Zanbatou: Beyond the Battle
6. The Appearance of Kurogasa: Visitor from the Shaodws
7. Death match Under the Moon! Protect the One You Love
8. A New Battle! The Mysterious beauty from Nowhere
9. The Strongest Group of Ninjas: The Horrible Oniwaban Group
10. Aoshi: Someone so Beautiful it's Frightening
11. Farewell, the Strongest Men: The Clash Between Light and Shadow
12. The Birth of a Boy Swordsman: The Battle of First Apprentice Yahiko
13. Strive for the Grand Championship: Toramaru's Sumo Battle Log!
14. Save a Small Life: The Challenge of the Beautiful Doctor, Megumi
15. Assassination Group of Fire: Jinpuu Squad on the Run
16. A Promise from the Heart: The Secret Technique of the Shidon Blade
17. Fly to Your Dreams: The Adventures of Marima, the Human Bullet
18. Run Yahiko: Get the Reverse-blade Sword Back
19. Raijuta's Ambition: Dream of a Forbidden Kingdom
20. Revival of the Shinko Style: The Technique Which Heralds a Storm
21. The Dissolution of a Nightmare: Raijuta's Ambition Concludes
22. First Train Ride: Danger on a Runaway Locomotive
23. Sanosuke's Betrayal: The Fateful Reunion
24. Midnight Battle: Sanosuke vs. Kenshin Revisited
25. The Crimson Pirate: Kenshin and Kaoru Separated
26. Lightening Incarnate: The Noble and Mysterious Female Pirate, Shura
27. Burn, Island of Terror: The Crimson Pirate Chapter Concludes

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