...Rurouni Kenshin

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         A once legendary manslayer has taken a vow to protect all life and never to kill again.  He has wandered Japan for ten years, protecting others with his reverse blade sword.  Now he has found a home in Tokyo at the Kamiya dojo.  Here he makes friends and finds himself at peace.  But his past continues to haunt him, as old enemies return to fight.  Then there are new enemies as well, those who threaten the fragile peace or want to destroy the new government.  And Kenshin is constantly fighting against the manslayer he once was.  But he does turn many misguided people around.

          In the second season the government asks him to help stop a madman from taking over the country.  He must return to his home and the place he fought in the revolution, where he is well known, to do this.  Returning to Kyoto Kenshin struggles to overcome his own past so that he can defeat this menace.  He succeeds, both in defeating Shishio (the madman who wants to return Japan to chaos) and in forever defeating the manslayer within himself.  Now at peace, he can fight to his fullest without fear.

          Returning to Tokyo Kenshin has a few weeks of peace before facing a new menace.  His friends in Kyoto call him back to deal with an assassin using his style of attack! Kenshin must now battle against a group of misguided Christians being led by a false prophet who wishes to destroy Japan as revenge for the oppression of the old regime.  He reforms the man and returns home only to face a group of disgruntled ex shoguns out to get the man they think betrayed the Shogunate.  Kenshin helps save the man and arrest the official who convinced the samurai to go after the old man.  No sooner is this resolved than Yutaro, an old student from the first season, appears with a new mystery. 

  A free mason’s group is trying to get an elixir that supposedly grants eternal youth.  They’ve teamed up with the Sonata Ninja Squad, and the Gang, along with Misao, has to find the elixir before they use it to their own evil ends.  The elixir is destroyed and that adventure ends.  But our heroes return to troubles at home.  An ancient battle between Feng Shui clans has begun again and Tokyo is the target!  Kenshin must help save the city.  Things are never easy in the Meiji era – at least not for our legendary swordsman!  And through it all he and Kaoru (the girl who owns the dojo) try to sort out their own feelings.  Will they ever marry? (They eventually do, they’re married in the movie!)